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Ideal for quick and accurate temperature and relative humidity recordings.

Typical applications include:

  • HVAC system testing and balancing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Vaccine storage
  • Storage conditions of perishable items
  • Building comfort monitoring

Key Features:

  • Equipped with one internal ambient temperature channel and one internal RH channel
  • External channel can accept one remote Temp & RH probe
  • Network up to 10 various SRP data loggers
  • Can be calibrated to NIST standards


Environmental Conditions Like all relative humidity sensors, when exposed to contaminants and/or extreme environmental conditions accuracy degradation could result. For maximum long-term stability, sensor should not be exposed or subjected to organic solvents, corrosive agents (acids, SO2, H2SO4, Cl2, HCl, H2S, etc.), and strong bases (compounds with PH greater than 7). Dust settling on the sensor surface will not affect sensor performance except possibly to decrease the speed of response.
Response Time Adequate ventilation increases the response time which is approximately 5 minutes in still air.
RH Sensor Accuracy +/- 3% RH from 10 to 90% RH (-20 to 40ºC [-4 to 104ºF])
RH Sensor Range 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
RH Sensor Resolution Better than 0.04% RH between 25 and 60% RH at 25ºC (77ºF)
RH Sensor Type Capacitive thin polymer film
Warranty 3 – years


Software & Interface Cable are required for full functionality of the product.

Display Module Low Temp thermistr probe Oven Temp thermistor probe RH External Probe (EH-020 RH Replacement Sensor Weatherproof Box


ACR softwares are powerful, easy and intuitive that opens a window into the analysis of your data collected. Data can be viewed in various formats and presentation quality graphs can be exported into any WORD program. The software provides electronic records for a reduced paper trail.

TrendReader Full License TrendReader Interface Pkg TrendReader on USB Full


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SmartReader Plus Manual

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