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Plugs into any power receptacle to record basic voltage disturbance events.

Typical applications include:

  • Traffic signal monitoring at Intersections
  • IT Server Rooms
  • Home Automation systems
  • Sensitive electrical equipment power source quality

Key Features:

  • 120 volt for North American receptacles
  • EventReader software provides easy to understand graphs
  • LED flashing light when an event is recorded.
  • Affordable enough to deploy several loggers around your building to monitor several branches.
  • Conduct high-level diagnosis of your building’s power quality without hiring an electrician.


Hot to Neutral: 45 to 65 Hz

Hot to Neutral:+/- 0.1 Hz (3 cycles minimum)

Hot to Neutral: 0.1 Hz

Impulse Range:
Hot to Neutral: 100 to 2500 V peak
Neutral to Ground: 50 to 2500 V peak

Hot to Neutral: +/- 10% of reading + resolution
Neutral to Ground: +/- 10% of reading + resolution

Hot to Neutral: 10 V
Neutral to Ground: 10 V

Width Detection:
Hot to Neutral: 1 µsec minimum
Neutral to Ground: 1 µsec minimum

Phase Angle Accuracy:
Hot to Neutral: +/- 1° (20 to 180°, 200 to 360°)
Neutral to Ground: +/- 1° (20 to 180°, 200 to 360°)

Phase Angle Resolution:
Hot to Neutral: 1°
Neutral to Ground: 1°
Surge, Sag & Outage Range:
Hot to Neutral: 0 to 200 V rms
Neutral to Ground: 3 to 150 V rms

Hot to Neutral: +/- 1 V rms + resolution
Neutral to Ground: +/- 1 V rms + resolution

Hot to Neutral: 1 V rms
Neutral to Ground: +/- 1 V rms
Time Events (< 1 sec) Accuracy:
Hot to Neutral: +/- 0.5 cycle
Neutral to Ground: +/- 1 cycle

Hot to Neutral: 0.5 cycle
Neutral to Ground:1 cycle

Time Stamp (> 1 sec) Accuracy:
Hot to Neutral: +/- 2 seconds/day + resolution

Hot to Neutral: 8 seconds

Hot to Neutral: 3 years


ACR softwares are powerful, easy and intuitive that opens a window into the analysis of your data collected. Data can be viewed in various formats and presentation quality graphs can be exported into any WORD program. The software provides electronic records for a reduced paper trail.

EventReader Software PowerWatch Interface Pkg


For a product sheet, please click below for a pdf version.

Product Sheet

A link to the Manual is available by clicking on the link below.

EventReader Manual


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Data loggers are often used in highly regulated environments such as food and pharmaceutical production and storage where strict safety regulations apply. Regulatory agencies generally require proof of calibration.

ACR calibrations are performed using reference standards that have been calibrated and are traceable to the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This ensures that all ACR data loggers meet, and perform to, their published specifications, allowing you to be confident that they will assist you in achieving your compliance requirements.

Calibration certificates are provided with every calibration we perform. ACR Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and calibration records are kept as part of our quality system and can be made available for customer audits.

Calibration Service

Technical assistance is free for the life of the product. To speak with a member of our Support Team:

Call toll-free @ 1-800-663-7845 or email:

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